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Get the kids doing something FUN during the holidays! 

Come and join us for one of our exciting holiday programs. We have level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Each day students will progress and develop their skills learning a new aspect of surfing. These week long programmes are the best way to equip students to become accomplished and confident surfers. A week with us will equip you with the basic skills needed to start developing your surfing. Already surf? Great!! We can tailor lessons to build your skills and understanding of the waves. 

Term 3 School Holiday Program 2023

Program Includes:

2 x 1.5 Hour Surf lessons Daily

Beach Education and Safety exploring our coastline & caring for the environment

Sandcastle building & awesome beach games

BYO lunch

Morning & Afternoon tea provided

5 days: $450 ($90 per day)

3 days $300 ($100 per day)


 1 day  $110

Bookings are essential for this program, call/text 021719773 or email to book

Program dates:

Monday 2nd Oct

Tuesday 3rd Oct

Wednesday 4th Oct

Thursday 5th Oct

Friday 7th Oct

Program will run 9am-3pm daily

Our Holiday 1.5hr Programs..

Level 1:

This is a 5 day course in the basics of surfing and an introduction to the sport.
You will learn to:


  • Identify hazards in and out of the water

  • Read ocean and weather conditions

  • How to control and position your surfboard in the water

  • How to catch waves and stand up and ride the waves

  • Start to turn and control your surfboard on the wave

Level 2:

These 5 days will cover the skills needed to develop the skills you have learnt in level 1. You will:

  • Surf smaller boards to suit your ability

  • Learn how to navigate and take off on green waves (unbroken waves)

  • Develop your turning to begin to trim along the wave

  • An introduction into the surf etiquette when surfing out the back

  • Navigating where to paddle out to get into the lineup

Level 3:

This level will begin your journey into the more high performance aspects of surfing. This will include:

  • Choosing the spots to paddle out and sit in the lineup

  • Cutting back into the critical section of the wave

  • Using your upper body and legs to control turning and maneuvering on the wave

  • Taking off on steep waves and developing good technique for the drop

Level 4:

This is the stage we introduce you to fibreglass boards. This level will further develop your understanding and confidence in all aspects of surfing in the lineup. It will include:

  • Using fibreglass boards

  • Developing your understanding of surf etiquette and the unwritten rules of the lineup

  • Further develop the skills of turning and maneuvering you have learnt so far

Level 5:

This level is a chance to solidify all the skills you have covered and developed in the last 4 courses. Your coach will give you the opportunity to paddle out on your own and catch a few waves on your own. The 5 days will include:

  • Navigating and catching waves on your own

  • Filmed sessions to review with your coach throughout the week

  • Reading forecasts and understanding the different aspects of them

  • Building your confidence to surf on your own

  • Any aspects you want to cover with your coach


Take it easy.

No matter which level you are doing, every day will develop your skills and introduce a new aspect of surfing. These levels are a basic outline and all students will be given an opportunity to develop at their own pace and coaches will give instruction accordingly. We have designed these levels to give everyone an opportunity to develop their skills and get to a point where they are comfortable to navigate and surf in the lineup with confidence and skill.  

Course Prices:

All levels are the same price with options for 3 or 5 lesson packages:


Kids (5-16yrs)

3 x 1.5 hr $140

5 x 1.5 hr $230


Adults (17+ years)

3 x 2 hr $190

5 x 2 hr $270

Ocean Confidence Sessions

Our ocean confidence sessions are tailored specifically for our micro groms and groms who want to build their confidence in the water before hitting the waves. These programs run for 5 days and will include a ½ hour session daily and will cover all aspects of swimming and enjoying the ocean.


Your instructor:

Ellen has over 10 years experience as a qualified swim teacher and has spent her life enjoying countless competitive long distance ocean swims. She is passionate about equipping everyone to be confident and knowledgeable about the ocean and understands not everyone has the confidence to jump right in and enjoy the magic our oceans offer us.


These sessions will be very small groups of 4:1 (students to coach ratio) so that all participants will be able to feel safe and gain confidence at their own pace.


Designed specifically for 1 years and up this is a chance to give your child the opportunity to feel safe in the ocean and begin to develop an understanding of the hazards we can encounter at the beach. All sessions are given in a fun and pressure free environment and parents are welcome to join their little ones in the water as they develop their ocean awareness and confidence.


Classes will be divided according to age and will only ever include 4 children. Private one on one sessions available on request.


Prices include wetsuit and a qualified coach:

5 x ½ hr sessions $80 (thats only $16 per session!)

Ocean Confidence

Learn to surf with ...

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