Great experiences can be life changing. 

We want your surf experience to be one of those. We have a range of lessons to choose from, depending on your stage and preferences.  Go through the stages of an adult progression course, do a one off lesson as and when you need it, send the kids out, or join in with the kids for a fun family day out.  



All our lessons are designed to introduce, develop and progress everyone in their surfing. We have lessons to suit everyone from the wee little groms right through to any age. If you want to give it a go we’ll get you out there! Lessons include surfboard, wetsuit and a qualified coach.


Safety is our priority, for this reason ratios will be kept low and in the event of unsuitable conditions lessons will be cancelled. We will endeavor to inform you of cancellations at the earliest possible time.

Please note: That as of 1st August 2019 all our prices have been adjusted to include GST. Thank you for your understanding.


1.5 hour beginner surf lesson

Designed specifically for the novice surfer, these lessons are FUN, easy & safe!

Lessons will cover:

  • Water safety and ocean awareness

  • How to control, safely carry and maneuver your surfboard

  • And best of all, standing up and riding the waves.


All the gear (surfboard, wetsuit, sunscreen) and a qualified coach is included.

We offer a range of boards to suit all levels and abilities.  It is recommended that these lessons are for 16 years & up. 


If you would like to progress in your surfing check out our Adult Progression Lessons below. Each level will cover the next steps and aspects of surfing right through to navigating and surfing the line up on your own.


Adult Progression Lessons

​Our adult progression lessons are designed for those who want to get into the water regularly and develop their surfing. We strongly believe that it’s important to surf in all conditions as this is how we best develop our understanding and skills of surfing and the ocean. These are run most of the year on Wednesdays and Sundays 10 -11.30am.


The first lesson is $70 and each lesson after that is $45. There is no commitment of how many lessons you do but we’re sure you're going to keep coming back for more!


Please note these sessions do not run during our busy summer holiday season of 26th Dec - 31st Jan or some public weekends. 




Beginner Kids Lessons


Our Surf Kids beginner lessons are designed especially for your little surfers aged between 5-15 years old. We will help them gain the skills & confidence to start catching their first waves while being safe & having lots of FUN in the ocean.


During lessons your little groms will:

  • Gain water confidence

  • Improve ocean awareness

  • Learn beach safety

  • Develop basic surfing skills & knowledge

  • Receive ongoing feedback & direction to improve technique  


Lessons are $50 per child or check out the package deals we have for our Level 1-5 courses here.

Kids - Step up lessons

Progressive lessons for when your little groms are ready for that next level. Suitable for the more experienced groms who have already nailed the basics. We keep ratios very low with 1 coach to 6 groms to ensure safety & that coaching can be tailored to individual needs & performance.


During lessons groms will:

  • Be taught to stay trim & ride along the wave

  • Receive ongoing feedback & direction to improve technique

  • Be taught basic surfing maneuvers as they progress

  • Be given guidance in developing surfing related fitness which will help them improve their performance


Lessons are $50 per child or check out the package deals we have for our Level 1-5 courses here.


Private Lessons

Wanting to try surfing and have a coach all to yourself. Our private lessons are designed to meet you where you’re at and tailor each session to help you focus on the aspects of your surfing you want to improve. Our coaches are passionate about surfing and want everyone to be the best they can be. Our private lessons are designed to be for the novice surfer right through to the advanced wanting to progress.




1 hour private lesson:

$100 for 1 person    |     $165 for 2 people   |     $255 for 3 people


1.5 hour private lesson:

$120 for 1 person   |     $185 for 2 people   |     $275 for 3 people


2 Hour private lesson:

$140 for 1 person   |     $205 for 2 people   |     $295 for 3 people


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