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Great experiences can be life changing. 


Our passion for the ocean and surfing is a gift we love to share! Our team are all avid surfers who are eager to share their skills and knowledge with all upcoming surfers. We are passionate about making surfing accessible for everyone and equipping our students with the knowledge they need for their surfing experience to be fun and safe. We have run a number of school and camp programs, and aim to make the experience a positive one for both teachers and students.   

Our school and camp program overview

Our Objectives for all our students are to:

  • Increase water safety knowledge and respect of the ocean.

  • Introduce and develop the skills of surfing which are not limited by ability, size or skill.

  • Equip students with the knowledge they need to continue surfing and embrace the surfing lifestyle.

  • Give all students a chance to develop their self confidence and self esteem in a fun and safe environment.

  • Introducing surfing as a fun way to keep active and healthy.

Prices start from $15 + GST per student, minimum numbers apply.


Primary and Intermediate

We are passionate about equipping all students in NZ with a solid understanding of water safety and a respect for the ocean. Our school education programmes cater for all ages and abilities and are designed to engage and educate students about the hazards they encounter when at the beach, how to spot these hazards and make informed decisions about their own safety. These are taught in a way that are both educational and fun. Lessons will then go on to include board safety and awareness and how to stand up and ride the waves. All lessons are designed to spend maximum time in the water with their coach perfecting their new found skills of surfing.


We cater for all group sizes from a few students to the hundreds. We have a great rotation system which enables all students to have the same amount of time in the water and have a chance to develop their new learnt skills. There are numerous other fun and inexpensive activities available in the area. We are happy to help if you need more information on them.  

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NCEA Surfing Credits

We offer several options for obtaining NCEA surfing credits, the most popular being our 2 day course. This will include:


  • Surf safety & ocean awareness

  • Handling and controlling the surfboard

  • Jumping up quickly & riding the wave as long as possible

  • Beginning to turn & trim along the wave

  • Transitioning from the white wash to surfing unbroken waves on the peak

  • Developing wave selection knowledge and taking off well

  • Getting through the impact zone safely and as quickly as possible

  • Surf etiquette & being aware of other surfers

  • Choosing where to sit in the line up

  • Wave selection


The 2 days will be a mixture of land and water based instruction and students will spend a minimum of 5 hours in the water before being assessed. Students will also have a Surf Workbook to assist in their study.


Get in touch to find out more about how we can help your students earn credits while having loads of FUN! 


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